Our Projects


Rido imageBlockchained Bikeshare This is one of our green projects for contributing to building a sustainable future for our planet and humanity as a whole. In this project our mission is to make bike sharing cheap, safe, secure, easy and ubiquitous for long-term goals of reducing pollution & carbon footprint for sustainable cities with efficient transportation, zero congestion and healthier communities. As reasons therefore we herein disclose our invention that generally relates to the field of decentralized trust-based networking of bikes for making them available to peers by peers through dockless virtual stations for sharing / renting and consequently reducing pollution, controlling traffic congestion, improving health and making the future of cities sustainable...


redoxer imageREDOXER is a general wellness device that can transform the global health and fitness industry. It enhances body’s defense mechanism and protects from lifestyle diseases like heart attacks, stroke and brain hemorrhage. More than 24,000 research papers prove safety & benefits of ORIP. Optimal Remote Ischemic Preconditioning provides protection to heart brain kidney liver and other vital organs.
Product Description

  • A wearable device based on patented ORIP technology
  • Each unit of the REDOXER product comprise of a pair of devices for the right and left upper arms. Both the devices are operated in tandem via a mobile application.


Xeno logoCrowdsourced bodyguard Thousands of women and girls each year are victims of gender violence and sexual violence and harassments statistics from the National Crime Records Bureau show that crimes against women have increased 34% in the past four years. We see women struggling in all aspects. Even a simple walk on the street, and they are subjected to harassment, whether verbal or even physical attacks. We designed XENO, world’s first crowdsourced bodyguard for women’s safety

Device Features:

  • No Bluetooth, no wifi, no smartphone, yet 99.9% connectivity
  • Hands free SOS rescue alert trigger
  • Under 90s response time
  • Built on AI
  • Blockchained for security, privacy and anonymity of victim and peers
  • Incentivized crowdsourced rescuers
  • Camouflaged wearable unlike traditional GPS tracker
  • Designed to make a fashion statement
  • Fitness and smart wearable capabilities
  • It also acts as a personal GPS tracker, allowing users to be tracked or to trace a loved one.